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I have finally moved back to TAVISTOCK in DEVON and I am sooooo excited. I was born here but had to move when I was 7 so now 10 years later, I am back mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha *breathes* ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My new house is sooo amazing! My room is quite large and I actually have my own en suite yay!!! We have a 70 acre farm with tennis court!!! ^_^ we have stables and a pond and we're right on the river!!!! This is the best place ever and I am sooo happy to be back except, all my friends live back in the Rutland area so I'm all alone save for my parents but there is no way I am hanging out with them becuz they are my parents and embaressing yu know what I mean?  So yeah my friends are all like 5hours away on the motorway on a good day so I won't be seeing them until I have to go back to school which won't be for 2 weeks, (half term and as I have finished my exams a week early, I have an extra week of study leave), so they're not here which is a bummer, and most of my room is still in Rutland as I have to finish the term of school before moving propper like. Also, I haven't got my freeview to work down here so i have no t.v!!! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh just gonna die without my daily dose of brain-rot-t.v!!  but I'm sure I can get over that. 

I AM HOME!!! back to where I was born and lived for the first seven years of my life but I don't remember much of it but I remember bits of pieces. It's strange, I'm nervous about being back, isn't that strange?? I mean who would be nervous about going home, moving home?? As if anyone here will remember me, I left in year 2, the summer before year 3 so no1 is actually going to remember me but I still feel nervous about being back ^_^ oh well, at least I'm back now!!!!! 

*being back dance* 
Memory, Attachment, Stress, Abnormality, Social Influence and Research Methods are the six essay topics I just spent three hours writting in exam conditions. ^_^ 3 hour exam on psychology, 6 essays in three hours is not fun. And to make everything worse, the clock was SMALL!!!!! 

At my old school, there was a huge clock in the exam hall which meant that I didn't need my glasses just to check how much time I had left. I do have a watch but it is currently making it's way through my dog's guy as he ate it cos he's at that stage of puppy-hood where he eats whatever he can get at so, it was really annoying today that the clock was tiny, because I had to keep my glasses on and I only need them to see far away not to write and gaaahhhh! just annoying!!

But anyway, the exam. Memory went fine as did attachment. Stress was alright and abnormality was piss easy!!! Social Influence was fine but Research Methods was easy peasy!!!! I just hope that I actually did as well as I think I did because I do not want to resit next year. 

The girl which was in the row next to mine was soooo irritating, she kept clicking her fingers, her knuckles, her wrists and her back again, and again. She also kept flipping her hair and just really distracting while I'm trying to answer. Stupid figity girl at least she wasn't sitting in front of me that would have been so much worse!!! In front of me was a girl with badly dyed black hair she wasn't distracting. 

Exams are strange things, I don't feel nervous doing them but I know that in august, I will be shitting myself because of results. It's not the exams that get to me its the results which come out of the exams. I need sleep and not to think. Tomorrow I will have to revise for Design Technology and English as I have them on tuesday and wedsnesday so I'll need weekend and Monday to revise so 2nite, my brain has been switched off!!!

El Nerdo and the Escape from Sports Day!!

*Indianna Jones's theme tune playing softly in the background*

Today, last thing was sports day and I some how managed to not take part yay!!! it's not that I hate sports nor is it that I'm incredibly lazy the real reason is that last year I did five things and only two of those, I actually knew of before hand. So I felt that seeing as last year,  contributed an awful lot this year, i didn't need to do anything. 

I think that my reasoning is pretty sound. So I managed to escape and spend two whole hours when I could have been revising, lying on the grass with my mates, my boyfriend and plenty of sunshine ^_^ how awesome?! A relaxing afternoon in the sun spent lounging about haha silly teachers forcing us out to sports day even when we're doing nothing /\_/\ lolz teechers are amusing sometimes.

Nothing really interesting happened today erm *thinky face* but tomorra I go on study leave!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!! which means I'll only have to go into school when I have an exam not for any other reason!!!!! yay!!!!!!

tho having an exam is not good but there are only 4 exams left then it's a two week holiday for me!!! because I finish all my exams before half term. So I get half term off and then the final week of study leave off where I don't have an exam!!!! Woooo!!!! Also, I'm moving house!!!! I'm moving to Devon back home!!!!! yay!!!! but I'll have to start boarding at the school where I am now next year which will be very very very very very strange!!! but strange is good!!!

I Got a Cookie for My Endeavours

Today was my very very very very first AS exam ever! And now I have a cookie, a double choc and white choc chip cookie!!!!! life couldn't get any better now that I have this cookie of amazing-ness but now, my cookie is gone but oh it was worth it!! Anyway, the exam. I got a good question, "Denmark is a country with political conflicts however, the real conflict is within Hamlet the character" do you agree?"  which is my good question ^_^ I think I wrote about the right stuff. I wrote about:

*) "too too sullied flesh would melt" soliloquy which shows Hamlet's depression which is a conflict of the mind
*) "To be, or not to be" soliloquy which shows Hamlet's conflict with suicide
*) Oedipus complex which states that Hamlet is battling a conflict over sexual disire with his mother and jealousy of Claudius who gets Gerturde's sexual desire.
*) Contextual factors of religion, oppression of women and typical avengers from that period in time
*) Hamlet's madness
*) Times where Hamlet acted without innner conflict
*) Other examples of when Hamlet has not acted because of his inner conflicts

Seven things I wrote about in one hour in depth so I hope I've done alright and that I've done enough. I wrote 5 sides of A4 of handwritten which is really good for me and my writing was small so I hope I've done alright. Fingers crossed!! /\ _ /\ 

Next Exam is *drum rollllllllllll* PSYCHOLOGY!!!!!!!!!! TAADAAA
Ok so now focusing on psychology ¬.¬ that's in FOUR days which means I should start revision A.S.A.P however, that doesn't mean that I'm going to I should do but....I'm feeling reluctant at the moment. Maybe I should start later but *thinky face* maybe I should start now??

I DO like psychology and I should do some revision. I did miss my large psychology lesson with one teecher so I really should revise.

I think I shall revise


Writer's Block: Scaredy cat

What animal frightens you most, and why?
 Sharks. Mainly because they eat people. They tear you apart limb from limb even if they're not hungry!!! They have rows upon rows of teeth and no bones!!! And you can't see them coming! They cut through the water and strike!!!!!

A Short Story by Moi

He recoiled further into the corner as the bully stood over him, fist raised with bloody knuckles. One more step and the bully crushed his glasses. Another step and the front of James's shirt was being ripped as the bully pulled him up to his feet. "Come this way again!" said the bully menacingly with spit flying over James's face, "and you'll end up dead!" The bully threw James to the floor, "Got it?" James nodded quickly understanding perfectly. "Let's go guys" the Bully turned to his two mates and the stalked away from the park.

It was a bright summer's day but the heat and the sun were meaningless to Mrs Oreh as she paced the length of the small garden. It was way past tea time and James hadn't returned from school yet, the sun was even setting. Mr Oreh tried to calm his wife by brining her a cup of tea and a biccy however she would not eat nor drink until James had returned home.

The door closed with a soft bang but Mre Oreh had heard it. She rushed in from the kitchen to the front door as fast as she could, almost tackling the young boy with a hug. "Where the hell have you been, James?" she cried releasing him so that she could take a good look at her son.

"Nowhere mum," he replied shuffling his feet to the staircase.

"Don't tell me that" she shrieked holding him closer. He looked up at his mother and pushed her arms away.

"I was nowhere mum, doing nothing, I have homework to do" James said flatly. Watching his feet, he took of his trainers and ascended the stairs to his bedroom. Mrs Oreh watched her son leave.

"Don't worry Molly, I'm sure he is fine," assured Mr Oreh wrapping his arms around his wife and kissing her lovingly on the forehead, "I'm sure he's fine"


"I Feel Pretty! Oh so Pretty!"

Today, I've decided to dress pretty! Usually it doesn't matter what I dress like, unless I'm going out and then usually it's normally some jeans and a t-shirt but today, I've decided to dress pretty even though, I'm staying in and revising for Hamlet. I don't know I suddenly feel the need to look good even though I'm staying at home, oh well, prehaps this is a new chaoter in my life, who knows? 

I'll probs end up grungy tomorrow but today I'm going to dress pretty for no reason other than I feel like it! Maybe this will make me happy as I was feeling rather down yesterday what with school, not actually getting to see my boyfriend despite being in the same school, being told off for collecting for a charity and being told off for calling a political party a different nickname! The crimes I've committed. Anyway, hopefully looking pretty will make me feel better. I'm not a girly girl but hey I can be hahaha!!!!

I am actually in a skirt *gasp* ^_^ only ever wear my school skirt but I don't feel like shorts today and it is way too hot for trousers so skirt "sqqqquuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" 

Lolz dressin pretty and girlie has made me feel better tho it is still boling in my room!   

3, 2, 1 Hamlet Exam!!!

In three days I have to take my very first AS level exam which is Hamlet. 

I am not freaking out however I can't be bothered to revise and I can't bothered with school. I just can't be bothered with anything which is bad because it is in 3 days and I'm not very good at english but I can't be bothered. 

Oh well I'm dropping english next year XD 

"I Swear More When You're Around"

Hello!! I have joined LJ!!! Now I can open my mind and paste it all onto the internet for people to read!! YAY!!! I know everyone is so excited that I've joine well when I make friends, they will be excited then ^_^ haha!!! So maybe something about me just to ease everyone into the crazy and madness which I shall bestow on this fair site. ^_^

My name is El Nerdo and I am a cool but nerdy person, that's not me having a quirk, that is me being honest!
I'm about to do my AS examinations, which is half my A-Level so joining is just a way for me to avoid revision because revision is boring and this is not so ^_^. I'm around 17 years of age but it's not that great I mean can't drink legally but can drive - well learn to drive. I suck at driving, I'm always crashing into things but lets be honest here .....

CRASHING IS A GOOD WAY TO GET PEOPLE TO SHUT UP - scary tactics but hey they work (Y) 

Erm what else to say........basically I'm going to write on here and it may make sense or it may not I don't really know to be honest, I haven't thought that far ahead!!!!